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Car Wash

Machinist Mate makes a variety of cleaning and maintenance products for your vehicle.  Items like car wash, car wax, bug remover, tar and tree sap remover, wiping and polishing cloth, chamois, collapsible silicone buckets and Stay Hold to keep items from rolling around in your trunk.  Many of our products are highly concentrated so they will last you a long time.  Our car wash is so concentrated you only need about an ounce per gallon of water to clean your car.  It is so concentrated that if you use too much you will have trouble rinsing the soap off your car.  Our tar and tree sap remover is so effective that only a drop or two is usually all that is required to free up the stubborn sticky stuff.  

Our Bug Remover works differently than others because it is not a solvent and will not damage your paint.  It is so safe you can use it on glass, plastic, paint, leather, vinyl, carpet etc. without risk of damage.  it works by soaking into the bug and loosening the bond that causes the bug to stick and the bug wipes right off.  It works as a terrific shampoo for carpet and general cleaner to wipe down the inside of your car including your vinyl and leather.  

Our Wiping and Polishing Cloth will clean hard and soft surfaces such as your dash, leather, vinyl, glass without any chemicals at all. Try it on a mirror,  simply wet the Wiping and Polishing Cloth with clean water and wring it out as hard as possible then wipe the surface.  it will clean without the use of any chemicals and dry completely steak and lint free.  it is also reusable dozens of times.  Simply wash  it out with mild detergent and use it again.