Industrial Products

Machinist Mate Industrial provides  products which clean, protect and restore in the harshest of conditions. From the house to the workplace we strive to offer innovative products that help you save time and money. Check out the variety of products we carry below. And let us know if you have any questions or need assistance with your order. Remember, we provide free shipping on orders over $100.


Atomic Glue (A Super Superglue)
Sale price $ 19.99 Regular price $ 49.99 Sale
Atomic Polish
Sale price $ 19.99 Regular price $ 32.99 Sale
Atomic Polish Mini (2- ounces)
Sale price $ 7.99 Regular price $ 9.99 Sale
Atomic Skin Guard
Regular price $ 32.99
Machinist Mate Bug Remover
Regular price $ 7.99
Machinist Mate Bug Remover Gallon Size (Formerly Splat Bug Remover)
Sale price $ 32.99 Regular price $ 55.99 Sale
Machinist Mate Collapsible Silicone Bucket
Sale price $ 26.99 Regular price $ 39.99 Sale
Machinist Mate Complete Car Care Package
Sale price $ 69.99 Regular price $ 158.99 Sale
Machinist Mate Mini Car Care Kit
Regular price $ 24.99