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Machinist Mate General Degreaser (Safe on Aluminum)

Machinist Mate General Degreaser (Safe on Aluminum)

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Machinists Mate General Degreaser

Industrial Strength Concentrated Degreasing and Grime Removing Detergent


Machinists Mate General Degreaser is safe for all surfaces including white metals, painted surfaces, rubber and plastic, carpet, flooring, concrete, steel, upholstery, etc.

Directions for use:  Machinists Mate General Degreaser can be applied by brush, spray steam, foamer, floor scrubber, pressure washer, sponge or hand wiping.  Clean water final rinse is recommended.

Directions for use as a low foaming cleaner:  Add Machinists Mate General Degreaser to water as directed below.

Directions for use as a low water high foam cleaner for carpets and upholstery:  Place Machinists Mater General Degreaser in an empty container.  Dilute by spraying water into cleaner.  Apply foam to carpet or upholstery, vacuum up or use Turkish toweling, let air dry.

Machinists Mate General Degreaser has the properties to produce foam that will hang on vertical and horizontal surfaces, allowing the cleaner to be more effective.  Directions for use with MODEL 6 Foaming Gun:  Fill container with undiluted Machinists Mate General Degreaser.  Connect to garden hose (minimum recommended water pressure of 35 psi) then spray on the cleaner by pulling trigger to full on position.  On vertical surfaces apply foam from bottom to top then top to bottom.  Allow to soak.  Reapply if necessary.  Spray off foam with hose or pressure washer.  Rinse with clean water to finish.

Recommended dilutions:                                                                         Dilution with Water

                                                                                                         Machinists Mate General Degreaser/ Water

Stain and Oil Remover                                                                                              1:10

Tools, shop equipment etc.                                                                                    1:20

Walls, siding, etc.                                                                                                       1:20

Floor tiles (offices, stores, etc)                                                                               1:130

Painted floors                                                                                                             1:100

Concrete floors                                                                                                          1:20

Engines                                                                                                                         1:2

Pressure washer (hot)                                                                                               1:20

               Adjust control valve to obtain medium suds at wash tip.

Steam cleaning                                                                                                           1:20

Tires – white wall                                                                                                       1:1

Laundry pre – spot (collar, cuff)                                                                             1:10

Driveways           (clean on warm day)       allow to soak, reapply                    1:4

Vinyl                                                                                                                              1:10

Do not drink.  If swallowed, contact a physician immediately.  Eyes:  flush with water for 15 minutes and get prompt medical attention.


Emergencies call Infotrac  - 800 535 5053


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Made in the USA



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