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About Us

Machinist Mate Products originated over a period of time starting about 2006.  We owned and operated renewable energy power plants that utilized landfill gas to produce electricity, which was sold to local utilities.  While owning and operating these facilities, we suffered many times from products that simply did not work, performed poorly, and far too often the companies behind them had poor or non-existent customer service.

We grew more and more frustrated with these poor products and lack of service to the point that, eventually, we set out to solve a problem with a particular part in the power plant by making our own part.  The success of this part led to development of more and more parts.  As a result of this success, others in the industry became aware of these parts and began to request to purchase them, LFG Parts Supply was born!

Over the next 7 years LFG Parts continued to provide industry leading quality in parts and supplies to our customers.  Yet, we serviced a very narrow segment of the market in a very specialized field.  In time, opportunities arose to put on high quality products from other manufactures.  This led to the development of the Machinist Mate product line as many of these products were not specifically for the power generation industry. 

Machinist Mate has broadened its scope to include products that can service a wide segment of society with products that actually work. 

LFG Parts Supply INC provides a line of products for power plants and a line of industrial, commercial and residential car care products online under the Machinist Mate name.

We pride ourselves in providing the highest quality products we can find or produce, along with the best guarantee available – 100% money back including return shipping!  We also work to provide the highest quality customer service possible because we know what it's like to work with companies that do not understand or care about quality customer service. 

Please put us and our products to the test!

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