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Shine & Seal - Tire Shine Plastic & Gel Coat Restore Machinist Mate

Product Description

Machinists Mate Shine and Seal Kit

Kit Includes: 1 pair disposable Nitrile Gloves, 1 disposable application tray, 1 Machinist Mate Shine and Seal 12oz bottle, 1 Machinist Mate General Degreaser 24oz bottle, One application Sponge, and 1 Tire Scrub Brush

Machinists Mate Shine and Seal is a revolutionary new product to protect and shine the rubber and plastic on your vehicle. Machinist Mate Shine and Seal is different than other tire shine, tire wet look, tire armor all, tire foam, back to black plastic restorers, etc. in that it lasts, lasts and far outlasts all competitors on the market. MACHINIST MATE SHINE AND SEAL IS SO REVOLUTIONARY THAT WE GURARANTEE IT TO LAST A MINIMUM OF 6 MONTHS ON YOUR VEHICLE! See our warranty policy for more information.

Machinist Mate Shine and Seal is unlike any other tire shine, wet look, back to black or plastic or rubber shine product on the market!  The current tire shine or plastic shine or rubber shine product offerings provide a high gloss or wet look for a short period and often are greasy or will fling off onto your paint.

 Machinists Mate Shine and Seal is a completely different tire shine, wet look product in many ways!  Instead of having to apply the tire shine, wet look, plastic shine or rubber shine product over and over Machinist Mate Shine and Seal will last up to one full year without reapplying and will provide that high-gloss wet look to the tires, plastic and rubber components on your vehicle.  Machinists Mate will also restore that black look to your plastic and will last a minimum of 6 moths, we guarantee it.

Even on your tires Machinist Mate will provide up to one full year of high gloss tire shine with a wet look without reapplying or special care!  We all know how much abuse tires take on a vehicle and how they are flexing when hitting pot holes and other normal road anomalies.  This is where normal tire shine, back to black or wet look products fail as they heat generated by the tire and the flexing along with air movement, dirt, leaves etc. hitting the tire, remove or dull the tire shine wet look in short order.  Machinist Mate Shine and Seal is different as it provides a tough, long lasting tenacious barrier that not only shines but protects your tires and plastic trim giving them that wet look for months on end.

Machinist Mate Shine and Seal withstood the harshest of summer weather conditions in Florida with the penetrating sun beating on it day after day, rain, and normal road conditions. Machinist Mate Shine and Seal stood up to these conditions and endured.  One application of Machinist Mate Shine and Seal is proven to provide shine and wet look continuously with one application for a minimum of 6 months where other tire shine, wet look, plastic shine or rubber shine products required repeated reapplications over and over sometimes in as short as a day!

Machinist Mate Shine and Seal provides the following benefits:

  • Will not fling off your vehicle and get on your paint
  • Long lasting – lasts up to a year.
  • Will not peel or crack when properly applied
  • Provides a barrier helping to prolong the life of your equipment
  • Not a petroleum based product – will not deteriorate your plastic or rubber.
  • Dries quickly to the touch. See application instructions for full cure times.
  • Requires no special cleaning or maintenance once applied. Simply wash your vehicle.
  • Prevents dirt, brake dust and other contaminants from adhering to the surface making cleaning easy.
  • Guaranteed to last 6 months – see warranty policy for details

Machinist Mate Shine and Seal can be used on the rubber or plastic material on your vehicle - do not use on foam rubber.

Machinist Mate Shine and Seal is the only once choice when you want that long-lasting shine and wet look while restoring the black luster to black plastic body parts and rubber.  Machinist mate Shine and Seal is the ideal complement to enhance the looks and provide unparcelled protection for your RV, trailer tires, show car, pickup, golf cart, motorcycle, bicycle, four-wheeler tires and plastic. 

  Machinist Mate Shine and Seal kit

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Application Instructions

Machinist Mate Shine and Seal wet look plastic and tire shine is unlike any other tire or plastic shine product on the market because it provides a very long-lasting shine – up to one full year!  Machinist Mate Shine and Seal provides superior shine and long lasting protection of plastic and rubber. 

To apply Machinist Mate Shine and Seal you must follow the instructions below very carefully.  If you do not the product will not perform at its full potential.

NOTE:  apply Machinist Mate Shine and Seal in temperatures between 60 to 95 degrees F only.

  1. Thoroughly clean the surface to be treated with Machinist Mate General Degreaser- provided with the Shine and Seal kit.   NOTE:  IT IS IMPARATIVE THAT ALL DIRT, GREASE, BRAKE DUST, OIL, WAX, ETC. be fully and completely removed from the surface prior to applying Machinist Mate Shine and Seal.  FAILURE TO FULLY CLEAN THE SURFACE WILL RESULT IN THE PRODUCT CRACKING, PEELING, AND FLAKING voiding the warranty.
  2. Liberally spray the area to be cleaned with Machinist Mate General Degreaser then vigorously scrub the entire surface using the provided brush. RINSE AND REPEAT AT LEAST THREE TIMES!  
  3. Let the surface dry completely. NOTE:  LET DRY COMPLETELY.  
  4. Once the surface is fully cleaned and dried, carefully examine the surface. If any browning, discoloring, dirt, grease, oil, wax or other material is visible on the surface then repeat the cleaning procedure outlined in step #2.  NOTE:  look closely along the edges of seams, letters, grooves, or other texture features on the surface for dirt, debris, or discoloration.  If there is any foreign material, or discoloration indicating dirt or debris then repeat cleaning procedure until the entire surface is fully and thoroughly clean.  NOTE:  FAILURE TO ADEQUATELY CLEAN THE SURFACE WILL RESULT IN UNSATISFACTORY LOOK AND PERFORMACE AND WILL VOID THE WARRANTY.
  5. Once the surface is clean and thoroughly dried. Thoroughly shake Machinist Mate Shine and Seal and place a small amount into the dispensing tray.  Soak up Shine and Seal into the applicator sponge until fully wet but not running or dripping out of the sponge. 
  6. Wipe the applicator sponge along the surface in smooth long even strokes. As the sponge begins to run out of Shine and Seal soak up more into the applicator sponge and continue to coat the entire surface with a thin and even coat.  Try to avoid heavy (white) applications in corners, cracks, treads, or other surface irregularities.   If you have heavy liquid (white) areas, then squeeze out any excess Shine and Seal in the applicator sponge so it will absorb and then gently dab the surface area where the white liquid is visible in the seams and cracks to remove as much as possible.  Shine and Seal should be applied in a thin even coat and the surface should look black (assuming the surface you are applying to is black) and shiny with the Shine and Seal applied not white with Shine and Seal.   If you cannot easily remove all the white excess in some areas, it will dry clear in about 10 to 20 minutes. IT is important that you avoid heavy applications of Shine and Seal if possible.   DO NOT DO ONE HEAVY APPLICATION OVER ANOTHER.
  7. Machinist Mate Shine and Seal will dry to the touch in about two to five minutes when properly applied. Upon the surface drying to the touch then apply a second coat the same way as the first.  Let dry and then apply a third coat when dry. 
  8. Let Machinist Mate Shine and Seal cure for at least two hours at 90 degrees and 4 hours at 60 degrees prior to moving the vehicle. During the first 24 hours do not expose to rain or moisture and avoid dirt roads, mud, puddles, etc.  Shine and Seal will fully cure in 24 hours.  
  9. Machinist Mate Shine and Seal will not fling off, crack or peel under normal operating conditions when properly applied and will still be visible with a shine up to a year.
  10. To clean surfaces treated with Machinist Mate Shine and Seal. Use Machinist Mate Car Wash to clean the vehicle or any other car wash product, do not use other soaps or harsh chemicals such as dishwasher soap as these will damage your paint, remove your wax and will shorten the life of Machinist Mate Seal and Shine.
  11. As time goes by and if you find the shine is not satisfactory then simply clean the area coated with Shine and Seal and reapply a thin coat to achieve the shine and wet look you desire.
  12. If you scrub your tires or plastic surface treated with Shine and Seal and damage the Shine and Seal surface first try cleaning the area and then reapply Shine and Seal to the damaged area and possibly over the entire Shine and Seal area. If this does not result in a satisfactory appearance you will need to remove the Shine and Seal and reapply.  DO NOT USE HARSH CHEMICALS AND SOLVENTS AS THIS MAY DAMAGE YOUR TIRE OR PLASTIC SURFACE.  Shine and Seal when properly applied creates a tough bond to the surface and is not easily removed. BEAR IN MIND THAT SHINE AND SEAL IS A VERY TOUGH PRODUCT AND IS FORMULATED TO TENATIOUSLY ADHERE.  DO NOT APPLY SHINE AND SEAL IF YOU PLAN ON REMOVING IT.   To remove. vigorously scrub the surface with a stiff brush or a brass brush, NOTE IT WILL NOT BE EASY TO REMOVE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.  The use of harsh cleaners is not recommended as they will damage the underlying surface of your plastic or tire.  DO NOT USE HARSH SOLVENTS TO REMOVE SHINE AND SEAL ON TIRES UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES AS THE CHEMICALS COULD DAMAGE THE TIRE AND CAUSE A DANAGEROUS CONDITION.  Be careful not to damage the surface of the tire or plastic.  Once fully cleaned of all Shine and Seal and any other foreign material reapply as instructed above.

Warranty:  Machinist Mate provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee for Machinist Mate Shine and Seal for 6 months from date of application under Normal Use on non-commercial vehicles.   NOTE:  Normal Use does not include scrubbing curbs, abrading, off road driving, driving in winter conditions with snow or ice, exposure to salt, racing etc.

Keep away from children.


Machinist Mate Shine and Seal Limited Warranty



Machinist Mate provides the following limited liability warranty for Shine and Seal:

               Machinist Mate warrants our Shine and Seal product to provide full satisfaction for the end user for a period of six months from the date of purchase.  Machinist Mate will replace the Shine and Seal product purchased up to 12 ounces or refund the product purchase in full plus pay for return shipping of the unused product at Machinist Mates sole discretion. 

NOTE:  This warranty:

  1. Only covers the Shine and Seal product and does not apply to any other Machinist Mate products.
  2. Only covers the Shine and Seal product when used on a street vehicle (no off road or racing uses) and there is no evidence of damage to the Shine and Seal treated surface from abrasion, rubbing the tire or treated surface against curbs, accident, chemical contamination, operation in snow or salt, etc.

To request refund or replacement under this warranty of the Shine and Seal product please contact Tracie Rentz at and provide pictures of the tire or plastic area in question, proof of purchase, and a description of the vehicle use.