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Testimonials/Product Reviews

"Works like nothing I've ever seen before"

  • Your bug removal product works like nothing I've ever seen before, I will be recommending this to all my friends.. We need more products like this that actually work as this does so well.... Thanks! - Wayne
  • Thank you for such a quick response! You products are first rate and customer service are over the top! Thanks for caring. - Jim
  • You guys have the best customer service !!!! My product was damaged in shipping and leaked everywhere and no questions asked I was immediately sent a new product! - Mary
  • It is so nice to get products that actually look and work as they do on TV! The Bug Remover is amazing!! Thanks for answering all my questions. - Callie Lee


  1.     I ordered Gelcoat Restore and Protect but was skeptical. The 100% money back guarantee gave me the courage to try it out. My boat didn't look this good when i first bought it used from a friend. It brought back the color and shine.


                                                 Shine and Seal

     1. I put Shine and seal on my tires 2 months ago and they still look have the wet   look shine just like the day I applied it. The guys at the car wash cant believe it!

     2. I cleaned and applied Shine and Seal to all the plastic on my Avalanche, it looks fantastic...sending before and after pics soon....Thanks guys!

      3. Shine and seal far out performed my expectations. It does take a little elbow grease but the results are amazing, my friends thought I bought all new plastic for my truck