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Machinist Mate Bug Remover Travel Size (Formerly Splat Bug Remover)

Machinist Mate Bug Remover Travel Size (Formerly Splat Bug Remover)

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Machinist Mate Bug Remover – Formally Splat Bug Remover

Machinist Mate Bug Remover is the premier bug removal product on the market today.  Most products attempt to dissolve the bug which requires a harsh multi chemical compound to be effective!  This chemical mix is very hard on your cars finish and will remove the wax!  Machinist Mate Bug Remover is different because our chemist realized it was much easier to break the bond that causes the bug to stick to your vehicle than dissolve the bug!  With this in mind he worked on development of an environmentally safe, biodegradable cleaner that removes bugs by breaking the bond that makes them stick to your car, RV, motorcycle, or plane. Simply spray on dry bugs, wait one to two minutes, then easily wipe the bugs away or spray them off.

Safe on paint, glass, plastics, chrome, rubber, clear bras, leather, cloth and more. So safe It won't even remove the wax from your vehicle! Works on all types of bugs, even love bugs!

Formerly SPLAT Bug Remover.




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