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Rust Freeze Corrosion Inhibitor 2oz  Stops Rust In It's Tracks!

Rust Freeze Corrosion Inhibitor 2oz Stops Rust In It's Tracks!

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Rust Freeze Corrosion Inhibitor

Rust Freeze is a unique corrosion inhibitor in that it has the consistency nearly of water. Because it is so thin it can go places that no other rust inhibitor can. Seams, overlaps, folds, pinch welded areas etc. all are impossible to reach with traditional corrosion protection as they are thick and heavy. Perfect for automobile restoration! Rust Freeze is thin to the point that it will seep into these areas easily. Additionally, it can be applied to raw steel or aluminum or any level of rust or corrosion without any prep! It loves rust and corrosion!  

Rust Freeze works by encapsulating the corrosion and then penetrates up to two millimeters into the base metal locking out air and water to prevent corrosion or stop it in its tracks! Rust freeze will also wick through corrosion on its own sometimes traveling several inches.


Rust Freeze can be used in the home, commercial, industrial etc. in a wide variety of applications. Plant stands, light poles, around the shop, on vehicles, boats, aircraft, production equipment, buildings, and much, much more.

Wire plant stand prior to applying Rust Freeze.  NOTE: The paint is chalky and the stand has suffered corrosion.  We prepared this for Rust Freeze by using a hand wire brush to remove the loose paint and rust.  We did not do any other prep.

Plant stand after applying Rust Freeze.  NOTE:  We did not apply anything to this but Rust Freeze.  You will notice the chalkiness of the paint is gone from Rust Freeze being applied and now has a nice shine and patina.  The corrosion is encapsulated and after over a year this stand still is in this same condition.

Another plant stand that was in very rusty and flaky condition.  We wire brushed this to remove the loose rust and paint then applied Rust Freeze to the entire surface.  No other prep was done or other material applied other than Rust Freeze.

Use Rust Freeze on areas such as concrete rebar that is failing. Simply apply a small amount of Rust Freeze to the rebar and it will soak into the rust and around the bar where the corrosion has separated it from the concrete sealing it and stopping the corrosion in its tracks. With Rust Freeze, there is no need to chip, chisel, grind or patch. Simply apply and either cure using heat or cure naturally and you are done. If your concrete is cracked and your rebar is now exposed to the elements you can stop any rust by drilling a small hole at the rebar and inject a small amount of Rust Freeze directly at the point of the rebar locking out rust.

Rust Freeze can also be used in automobiles, trucks, aircraft, boats, ships, heavy equipment etc. to prevent or stop rust or corrosion. Because it applies so thin it is very light and perfect or corrosion control and prevention in aircraft.

Rust Freeze is durable. We tested Rust Freeze in the harshest of conditions on a filler at Anheuser-Busch where the 1” solid steel drive shafts are exposed to corrosive liquid with a ph of 1.5 on a constant basis. Before Rust Freeze every corrosion protection they tried failed within 18 months where the shafts corroded in half!  Rust Freeze has been on the filler now for 23 months with no corrosion of any kind and the only difference in Rust Freeze is it is no longer shiny.  

Apply Rust Freeze as thin as possible. More is not better it is simply more! Rust Freeze covers approximately 4 square feet of raw steel or aluminum with only one teaspoon of Part A and Part B. Cure with heat in an oven or using a heat source like a heat gun in as little as 4 minutes or let cure naturally. Rust Freeze cure time naturally is about 14 days in 80 to 90-degree temperatures with 4 to 6 days in temps of 110 degrees.  

Rust Freeze comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We will refund your entire purchase price and pay return shipping of the unused portion if you are not completely satisfied. See our guarantee posted at for further information.

Rust Freeze is simply the best corrosion inhibitor you can apply. Durable, yet applied very thin for great coverage and will protect areas that you could previously not protect. More information or to purchase go to Rust or  

LFG Parts Supply,

871 Orange Ave.

Daytona Beach, FL 32114


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