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Zippkool Polyester Long Sleeve Cooling Jacket LITE

Zippkool Polyester Long Sleeve Cooling Jacket LITE

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Zippkool Polyester Long Sleeve Cooling Jacket LITE


Zippkool polyester long sleeve cooling jacket with AA Battery Box


Our body is equipped with a cooling mechanism to sustain a healthy body temperature when
working in heated environments. This mechanism is known as perspiration (thermoregulation),
or in simple term: sweating. However, this process of sweating is incomplete on its own. Without the vaporization of sweat, the body cannot cool down.

ZIPPKOOL Products® are designed to create an artificial airflow surrounding our body so that
the sweat is vaporized quicker. By doing so, the body is able to keep the body temperature lower and prevents itself from exerting excess amount of sweat.

Our products are made up of two key components. A specially patented fabric that prevents air
from exiting the jacket and thus allowing it to circulate, and a patented super light-weight fan that will blow up to 5 gallons of air per second. Lithium-ion battery also allows for up to 24 hour
continual usage in a single charge.

Combined, ZIPPKOOL® jacket allows workers in heated environments to stay cooler and in more
comfort for a longer period of time compared to other “cooling jackets” out in the market.

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